About Me

Digital strategy & brand storytelling expert with over 15 years of experience, I am passionate about transforming the way business leaders communicate and grow their brands across diverse industries. My expertise lies in simplifying complex messaging, creating exceptional content, and driving results for clients like Novartis, Abbott, Pfizer, Western Digital, GlaxoSmithKline, Netflix, Volkswagen, TicketMaster, Western Digital, and Microsoft.


In addition to these core strengths, I have developed a unique expertise in negotiation and empathy, understanding that the key to successful business relationships is not just effective communication, but also genuine connection and understanding.


With a strong background in digital and social strategy, public relations, marketing, and crisis communications, I have been recognized with numerous industry awards, including The Webby Awards People’s Voice Award for Best Social Event, PRSA-LA PRism Award of Excellence, and PR Digital News Twitter Communications Award.


Fluent in English and German, and with elementary proficiency in Japanese, I bring a global perspective to my work. Let’s connect and explore how I can help your brand unlock its full potential in the digital world.


Outside of the communications world, I have been an avid student of martial arts for over 35 years. Sorakage Jujutsu is the culmination of my studies. 


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